The First Pick of the Panels

Fear Agent #17

Fear Agent #17Nov. 2007, Dark Horse Comics

Artist: Jerome Opeňa, Writer: Rick Remender, Colors: Michelle Madsen

Did I see what I thought I saw?  Did Heath just catch a knife in his teeth – as he is falling – and spit it out into his hand. This is great visual story telling. You’ll have to pick up the comic to see what damage he does with it, but I don’t think I am spoiling anything to say that, if he is that agile, and lucky, he won’t have any problem with those binding ropes. Things do get worse, however. It is hard being a Fear Agent, especially for Heath Huston.

I am going to be posting my favorite panel from the comics each week. The ones that make me wanna holler, laugh out loud, or cringe in frustration.


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