Modern Art

Ditko Spider Man 22

Amazing Spider Man #22 

Artist: Steve Ditko,  Writer: Stan Lee

I love it when comics comment on modern art. It is usually with disdain. I am an artist who loves both worlds and I have found sometimes the feeling is mutual. Fine art can hold comics in disdain. Pure illustration can be considered too elementary. That is no longer as true as it used to be.

This was published in the 60’s just as pop art was exploding the art world and Roy Lichtenstein was producing blow-ups of comic panels as fine art. The barriers of Fine Art and Popular Culture were being broken. These Ditko paintings are hilarious. He was ahead of his time by 20 years. It’s easy to imagine that Band-Aid finger hanging in Soho the 80’s by an expressionist painter or a graffiti artist.

This scan is from Spider-Man Essentials Volume 2. Sorry for the shadow at the binding. It’s one thick book.


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