The Three Hundred and Sixty Nine Dragon Brigade

Lobster Johnson #4

LOBSTER JOHNSON – The Iron Prometheus #4 

Dark Horse Dec. 2007

Writer: Mike Mignola, Art: Jason Armstrong, Colors: Dave Stewart

I’m loving Jason Armstrong. He manages to refer to Mignola’s style and hold his own in a way that doesn’t make me wish I was seeing Mignola draw it himself. This is a sweet panel. The strength of it is in the planes receding in the distance, all skewed on different angles. And the odd collage foreground. All the action is compressed making it immediate notwithstanding its vast scale. And Dave Stewart is always pushing the color pallet is surprising and effective ways.


One Response to “The Three Hundred and Sixty Nine Dragon Brigade”

  1. gabriellm Says:

    I’m going to have to start reading some Lobster Johnson, that reference in BPRD Killing Ground #4 intrigued me, and I must say I like the art in this panel. The odd palette of browns with slightly bluish shadows in the foreground. Kinda seems like what would happen if John Singer Sargent started coloring comics.

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