Captain Calm

Captain America #04

Avengers #4 (March 1964)

Writer: Stan Lee, Artist: Jack Kirby, Inker: George Roussos

This is it. Classic Kirby. I have been enjoying Avengers Classic, Marvel’s monthly reprint of the original Avengers comic with a new tie-in story in the back by McDuffie and Oeming. The back story is always great, exploring some angle from the original. But the real thrill is to see Kirby with modern printing. This panel has it all. The iconographic Captain America is calmly dodging Thor’s ricocheting hammer. There is a tad of foreshortening and speed lines everywhere. And what is up with that pipe? Kirby’s machines are not bound by reality! I can’t tell if Cap has bent it with his one hand pull-up or if those marks around his hand indicate his strength. Either way, this drawing shows Cap’s repose in the face of furious action.


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