The Wendigo Inside


B.P.R.D. Killing Ground #5 Dec. 2007

Writer: Mike Mignola & John Arcudi, Art: Guy Davis, Colors: Dave Stewart

Spoiler Alert: Don’t read this post. Go buy the whole 5 part Killing Ground series.

I confess this is my weakness. I have always loved horror comics starting with Creepy and Eerie in the 60’s and then my discovery of EC’s Vault of Horror and Tales of the Crypt reprints. B.P.R.D. has become my favorite publication. Guy Davis and Dave Stewart shine here as much as the moonshine on snow above. This strange confrontation is loaded with meaning and is the culmination of the story.

I told myself when I started this blog that I would not use splash pages, and I have already broken my rule. The Wendigo’s head framed by the tree line and Capt. Daimio, resolute and unafraid, in front of the the towering beast make this my unavoidable choice. And the lighting is subtle and intense. I think the Capt. is being followed by a bit more than a moonshadow… (to quote a very old song)


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