The Hands of Ditko


 (click to enlarge)

artist: Steve Ditko

I have been wanting to create this collage ever since I read Mike Gold’s story about asking Ditko about his hands. I love to all the wild gestures he uses. I personally try to avoid drawing hands whenever possible! Below is the story:

We were at DC’s old 666 Fifth Avenue offices (talk about conspiracies) and we were in a public space. Ross wanted to know if he could ask Steve a question. I could see Steve bracing himself, but he agreed.

Ross made a Strange gesture. “Why do you draw hands like that?” Steve laughed and posed his hand exactly true to form. Exactly. I know you think you can do it; you can’t. Only Steve Ditko can.

“Because it looks more interesting that way,” Steve said. “Oh,” Ross replied. “I always wondered.”

I can make the gesture, but I would not be able to make the trigger work. I just can’t apply pressure there. I always wondered how Spider Man avoided accidentally shooting webbing everywhere with the trigger placed in the middle of his palm…

ComicMix Ditko Story


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