Wrecking Ball


(click image to enlarge)

Daredevil #103

Writer: Ed Brubaker, Artist: Michael Lark, Colors: Matt Hollingsworth

There is something that is that loves a wrecking ball. Who among us doesn’t love the idea of just letting loose with a 500 pound ball and chain! This panel sequence captures it. The bottom panel has extreme cartoon foreshortening which is more remarkable in Lark’s realistic style. Look at the way all those lines lead back to the villain.

I think I have the credits right. The color is gritty and more colorful than usual for Hollingsworth’s Daredevil, so either he is experimenting to great success, or this page is colored by Paul Mounts who is also credited for colors. I know Lark sometimes just does layouts, and that may be the case here, because Paul Azaceta and Stefano Gaudiano are also listed as artists, yet the style is consistent throughout the magazine.

I have been in a Supergroup in the online superhero game City of Heroes for the last couple of years. Our name?

The Wrecking Crew!

Of course, and not to put too fine a point upon it, we are HEROES, not villains. Look for us on the Gauardian server.


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