Captain America by Starlight


(click to enlarge)

Captain America #34

Writer: Ed Brubaker, Artist: Steve Epting,
Inker: Butch Guise, Colors: Frank D’Armata

I walked into ACME Comics (see link in blogroll) 34 issues ago to see if there was any new Hellboy. I had quit buying comics, again, 5 years before. I saw the new Captian America/Iron Man #1. I was hooked by Steve Epting and Frank D’Armata and the changes in printing comic colors. (And by the storytelling of this Brubaker fellow.)

D’Armata’s painterly colors and attention to detail continually captivate me. It is hard to pick a panel out of this issue. They are great at hardware – any machines, airplanes, cars etc. You can see it a bit here with the interior of the cockpit. All the edges have a razor sharp highlight. And he always highlights the seam in Cap’s cowl. It’s not just sprayed on, this cowl was sewed together! That is the kind of thing that keeps me pouring over each panel.

It’s the use of light, and positive and negative space that made me pick this panel. A perfect night sky blue that changes with such subtlety. Note the red gloves. 10 years ago they would have been candy red. D’Armata always uses desaturated off-colors. He has been know to use a bit of murky green in Cap’s blue uniform in the light of a firefight.

I was talking about D’Armata with a friend and he said, “Oh, is he that guy who gives everybody shiny skin?” I suppose so, but I like it. Each panel is a painting. Shine on…


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