A Drowning We Will Go


(click to enlarge)

Abe Sapien: The Drowning #1

Writer: Mike Mignola, Artist: Jason Shawn Alexander, Colors:Dave Stewart

“With great power comes great responsibility” they say, so I suppose Mr. Sapien is pretty much free to do whatever he wants. His power is limited to breathing underwater and looking cool, in a Creature From The Black Lagoon sort of way. Still you have to love him. He has a refined, polite manner in spite of his horrifying past. He was not always a fishman it seems.

I was disappointed when I heard that Mignola was going to limit his time to writing stories. Yet I can not say I have been disappointed with all these comics he is overseeing. The art is always excellent with that indefinable Mignola edge.  I have not seen Jason Alexander before. I am going to have to check out his other book The Escapest (Dark Horse.) This book is classically illustrated – it would have fit in an early issue of Creepy or Eerie. It would work in black and white. Dave Stewart has kept the color to a minimum throughout the book casting a gloomy spell with all those murky tones.

In this panel, the skindiver (what used to be called a frogman, but I will avoid that term to avoid confusion with our hero) is beautifully drawn. I love the layout with all that space on the left. Abe is dead center and maybe soon to be dead to the world. Giant tentacles are never a good thing to see rising from below when gliding about in the deep.


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