A Cup Too Far

spidy 550

(click image to enlarge)

Amazing Spider-Man #550

Writer: Marc Guffenheim, Artist: Salvador Larroca

Spidey was soundly trounced and slashed across the chest with a razor by the Green Goblin-like Menace in a violent night time battle. Menace leaves him hanging on to the pier where Spidey seems to pass out. Turn the page and we come to the panel above. Oh yes, he did pass out.

It’s morning and there is Spider-Man sleeping soundly half submerged in water! That clinging thing is quite a super power. We know it is morning because it is daylight and Jackpot kindly brings him a cup of coffee. Not just a Starbuck’s to-go cup, no – but an nice hot home brewed cup in a ceramic mug!

I was completely thrown by all of this. Why didn’t he pull himself up on the pier if he has the strength to hold onto the the thing all night while leaning on a bleeding gash across his chest? Where did she get the cup of coffee? Does she carry a Mr. Coffee machine with her on her morning rounds? Did she swipe if from some sailor on a nearby boat? Why in heaven’s name didn’t she pull him up out of the water before running off to make coffee if she wants to be thoughtful?

It is one thing to make a deal with the devil and have reality rearranged. Many people have complained. It was a stretch but I went along with it. But that coffee cup is going too far!


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