Underground in Abyssia


(click to enlarge)

Twelve #4

Writer: J. M. Straczynski, Artist: Chris Weston, Inker: Garry Leach,
Colors: Chris Chuckry

This series of 12 comics, appropriately named Twelve, has become a favorite. This panel shows the lost home of Rockman, a hero from the 1940s who woke up from cryogenic sleep in the present, along with 11 other superheroes. This issue tells Rockman’s story.

I don’t think Mr. Weston used a photo for this. This is great old school illustration. He has created an original world. It seems based on some kind of hybrid Roman architecture with imaginative details, like the fat columns with shrubs on top. How do shrubs grow underground? We never learn about the light source, but just let it go! How about the beautiful decorative motif of giant crystals on the rooftops? I can get lost in this picture for hours.

In a later panel there is a classic piece of machinery – a continuous track tank-like drilling machine with a giant screw bit on the front for tunneling. Oh yes!


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