I See Eyeballs!


(click image to enlarge)

The Crypt of Terror #18

Writer: Al Feldstein, Artist: Harvey Kurtzman, Colors: Leona D Cahoj, Tracy Morris


I have been rereading my EC Archives. I have 3 of the oversized hardback reprint collections that have been tastefully recolored. I read many of these in black and white reprints in the 60’s. I can’t take more than 5 stories at a time; they are clever, but become so predictable that it is clear what is going to happen by the 2nd page. You have to keep in mind how subversive they were in their time. Now we have Walking Dead and Marvel Zombies spewing gore all over the comic stands. This is where that kind of horror started.

My interest was ignited by the “The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare and How It Changed America ” by David Hajdu. This is a great read for everyone, but an obvious choice for comics fans. It is a history of comics with interviews of all the creators and transcripts of news reports, congressional hearings, etc. The parallels with the hysteria over video games in our time are jarring. Comics were an easy target for violence in society even though the connection was tenuous, just as video games are today.

After reading this I realized why my grandmother threw away all of my comics in the summer of 62 when she discovered them. She was convinced they would ruin my life and lead me into crime and debauchery! Oh how I wish I still had those early issues of Daredevil and The Flash.


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