Bad Hair Day


(click image to enlarge)

Writer: Peter O’Donnell, Artist: Jim Holdaway,
Modesty Blaise 1969

Modesty Blaise was a British newspaper strip. She is a secret agent with a partner, Willie Gavin, much like the old TV show The Avengers. Holdaway’s art is exceptional. It reminds me of Apt 3-G which ran in US papers at the same time. The girls at Apt 3-G were hot, but not as hot as Modesty Blaise. I should have posted a panel with her in it, but I laughed out loud at this lady’s hair. It is a study in penmanship, a sampler of pen technique.

I also love the way it was popular at the time to depict plaid cloth with perfectly parallel lines no matter what the folds in the material were. Ketchum used to do that in Dennis the Menace all the time.

This if from an oversized trade published by Titan Books, one of 6.  This one is The Hell Makers.


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