The Remarkable Flapjack Jones

June 28, 2008

Flapjack Cover Small

Writer: Don Morgan, Artist: NC Soft

Flapjack Jones #1

Ahh, City of Heroes! This is my faux cover for my character in this MMO. Thanks to user CentralNexus on the the CoH Podcast forum for the idea of creating a comic cover using modified screenshots from the game. That’s right, this is an actual battle in the game. Every comics fan needs to try out CoH, and if you haven’t played it for a while you need to try it again! They have been releasing new content every 6 months it seems.

I had to outline Flapjack and brighten the halo around him to make him stand out. I also gave Jack In Chains a purple tint to bring him out of the background a bit. Next time you are in a comic shop be sure to ask for the latest release from SMACKDOWN COMICS!


Hang On Kitty

June 22, 2008


(click image to enlarge)

Giant Size X-Men #1

Writer: Josh Whedon, Artist: John Cassaday, Colors: Laura Martin

This is one of the best comics to date and it’s the end of an era with Whedon and Cassaday leaving. I put up that explosion from this issuein my last post just to keep up the explosive theme, but the scenes with Kitty Pryde Giant Size X-Men 1 are so dramatic, and the pay off at the end is so cinematic, that I had to also post this drawing of Kitty. Cassaday loves to draw a strand of hair. And he draws the best single strands of hair in the business.

Silent Boom

June 19, 2008


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Giant Size X-Men #1

Writer: Josh Whedon, Artist: John Cassaday, Colors: Laura Martin

In space no one can hear you BOOM.


June 9, 2008

MightyAven 140001

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Writer: Bendis, Penciler: Khoi Pham, Inker: Danny Miki,
Colors: Dean White

Mighty Avengers #14

Nuff Said.

What a Powerset!

June 2, 2008


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 Captain Britain #1

I have been out of town and unable to scan, so here is one from a couple of weeks ago. I have to thank Stephen at Acme Comics for pointing this out. I cracked up at the awesome combo this skrull devised. Tremble in horror at the Iron Thwasp! Great fun.

Bad Hair Day

May 26, 2008


(click image to enlarge)

Writer: Peter O’Donnell, Artist: Jim Holdaway,
Modesty Blaise 1969

Modesty Blaise was a British newspaper strip. She is a secret agent with a partner, Willie Gavin, much like the old TV show The Avengers. Holdaway’s art is exceptional. It reminds me of Apt 3-G which ran in US papers at the same time. The girls at Apt 3-G were hot, but not as hot as Modesty Blaise. I should have posted a panel with her in it, but I laughed out loud at this lady’s hair. It is a study in penmanship, a sampler of pen technique.

I also love the way it was popular at the time to depict plaid cloth with perfectly parallel lines no matter what the folds in the material were. Ketchum used to do that in Dennis the Menace all the time.

This if from an oversized trade published by Titan Books, one of 6.  This one is The Hell Makers.

Rowdy Leopard

May 15, 2008


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 Writer: J.L. Allred, Artist: Nick Dragotta & Mike Allred,
Colors: Laura Allred

Madman # 8

These super hero types are so excitable. Can you detect the Kirby influence here? My word, he is hyper extended through space. I don’t know what is going on in Madman, but I just hang on and try not to get thrown from the cart. The art is worth the trip.

I See Eyeballs!

May 6, 2008


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The Crypt of Terror #18

Writer: Al Feldstein, Artist: Harvey Kurtzman, Colors: Leona D Cahoj, Tracy Morris


I have been rereading my EC Archives. I have 3 of the oversized hardback reprint collections that have been tastefully recolored. I read many of these in black and white reprints in the 60’s. I can’t take more than 5 stories at a time; they are clever, but become so predictable that it is clear what is going to happen by the 2nd page. You have to keep in mind how subversive they were in their time. Now we have Walking Dead and Marvel Zombies spewing gore all over the comic stands. This is where that kind of horror started.

My interest was ignited by the “The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare and How It Changed America ” by David Hajdu. This is a great read for everyone, but an obvious choice for comics fans. It is a history of comics with interviews of all the creators and transcripts of news reports, congressional hearings, etc. The parallels with the hysteria over video games in our time are jarring. Comics were an easy target for violence in society even though the connection was tenuous, just as video games are today.

After reading this I realized why my grandmother threw away all of my comics in the summer of 62 when she discovered them. She was convinced they would ruin my life and lead me into crime and debauchery! Oh how I wish I still had those early issues of Daredevil and The Flash.

Latest Tech

April 28, 2008


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Mighty Avengers #12

Writer: Bendis, Artist: Maleev, Colors: Hollingsworth

The team is back! For me, the best comic of all time is this team’s run on Daredevil and in this issue they show that the magic is still there. Powerful story and gorgeous visuals. They must have sunk a lot of money into those special effects, eh? Oh yeah, it’s just Photoshop. Well, Photoshop is not cheap!

I don’t know exactly what tech Nick Fury has at his disposal here but he can see them and they can’t see him. This is great use of digital effects. Maleev’s artful use of altered photo reference for the backgrounds and his voluptuous figure drawing all combine to make this issue an instant classic.


April 13, 2008

spidy 556

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Amazing Spider-Man #556

Writer: Zeb Wells, Pencils: Chris Bachalo, Inks: Tim Townsend,
Colors: Bachalo & Antonio Fabela

  With all these people producing the finished art it is hard to tell who is doing what. I love the painted look this team is creating. This is some strange snow. It captures the feel of thick wet snow clumps, though, in fact, it looks a lot like confetti. Great depth from white to deep blue. Every snowstorm panel is gorgeous in this issue.